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USB Charging Smart Wifi Professional Manufacturer Outdoor Street Bench

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Dimension: L170*W45*H45cm

Material: galvanized steel                     Outdoor Street Bench

Weight: 65kg

Solar power: 80w

Battery capacity: 12V/55Ah                       Smart Street Bench

USB charging: 2 ports,5V 2.1A

Wireless charger: 2pcs

WIFI: 4G LTE/speed: up to 150Mbps            Street Bench Manufacturer

Can be upgraded and customized for all specific applications

Customized colors available


Q:What is a solar bench?

A: With a solar bench it's possible to charge mobile devices by USB ports or wireless with QI technology. The solar bench also provides a free WiFi Hotspot due the internal 4G router. LED light and advertising lamp box can also be added.

Q:Do you need to connect the solar bench to a traditional AC power supply?

A: No, the solar bench works completely autonomous due the high efficient solar panel.

Q:In which color can the solar bench be made?

A: Any RAL color!

Q: Can customized designs be made?

A: Yes, we develop new designs regularly and also make customized designs.

Q:Is the USB ports universal to all devices?

A: Yes, it is universal to all devices, such as mobile, tablet and camera etc.

Q:How does the wireless charger work?

A: If your phone is capable to charge wireless you just need to place your phone on the QI wireless charger and charging starts automatically.

Q:How does the Internet function?

A: The solar bench has a build in wireless 4G WiFi router. The solar bench will be delivered without internet subscription.

Q:Can this WiFi router be used in different countries ?

A: Yes, the internet moden is compatible to all telecom companies.

Q:What is the reach of WiFi signal?

A: 10-20 meters around the solar bench.

Q:Is it possible to switch off the light or lamp box on certain times?

A: Yes, the working hours of the LED light or lamp box can be adjusted freely.

Q: What is the warranty time?

A: 2 years, but actually the solar panel and bench can be used for more than 10-20 years.

Q: What happens if in warranty time anything is broken?

A: In warranty time, we will send you the new electronic part free of charge. The solar bench is based on a modular design, every parts can be replaced easilty.

Q: What about after warranty time?

A: After warranty time, all new electronic parts can be bought and replaced. Only the basic cost will be charged.


ShenZhen Weiyin Wireless City Technology Development Co.,ltd

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