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ShenZhen Weiyin Wireless City Technology Development Co.,ltd

About Us

Shenzhen Weiyin Technology Co.,ltd which was established in the year of 2012,is specialized in different kinds of solar smart street furniture, including solar benches, solar bus shelters, solar street lights and solar garbage bins etc. Our first smart bench was developed in China in 2016, which works on only clean solar energy power thus decrease CO2 emission, and can provide free charging services for your phone or tablet, access to Wi-Fi network, bluetooth and LED light, etc. Due to the patent certificates in hand, Shenzhen Weiyin Technology Co.,ltd is now actually the only company together with ADLIS Co.,ltd who can produce and sell these products.

ADLIS smart is a department of the company VPL-PRODUCTION LTD that was created in 2015 with the objective of developing new technology in 3 branches.We are specialized in manufacturing and developing smart benches,smart table,smart home and smart container. We develop our own APP to control each smart product. In 2019 we closed agreements,partnership and manufacture together the construction of all products with WEIYIN company.While in Israel we have our laboratory for the development of new products,ADLIS and WEIYIN manufacture the products together in China.We work in different countries of the world and our products are valued in each of our clients and the countries where we are established.