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Newest Design Best Quality USB Phone Charging Outdoor Solar Power Park Bench

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • SOLAR ENERGY - We utilize solar panels that allow you decrease the need for energy, and thus CO2 emission
  • USB CHARGER - Charge your phone via USB
  • WIFI INTERNET - Utilize free WiFi while charging
  • INDUCTIVE CHARGER - Our solar benches are equipped with wireless chargers
  • LED LIGHTING - Optional LED screen on the sides

Product Details

· Item No#: WYC1901 solar bench

· Material: Galvanized steel solar power bench

· Dimensions: length 205* width 46* height 47cm charging bench

· Weight:90kg

· Solar power: 80W

· Battery capacity:12V/55Ah 

· USB charging:

· Number of ports: 2 

· Power (per port): 5V (2.1A)

· Wireless charging: 1

· Lighting: LED/12V

· Bluetooth: 5/12V

· Wifi: 4G LTE/Speed: up to 150Mbps

· Can be upgraded and customized for specific applications

· Custom colors available


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ShenZhen Weiyin Wireless City Technology Development Co.,ltd

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